Saturday, December 24, 2011

Calm Knot and RhombiTriHex Pillows

I made these two pillows for Christmas presents:

The first one is a present for my nephew. The block is a simplified version of a block I found in the EQ7 library they called "calm knot". Here's how it looks in the EQ7 program:

I didn't scan the fabric in, so that part doesn't match, but the colors are close enough. The colors are the school colors of DU where he is going to school.

The other one is for my Mama:

I wanted to see if I could machine piece the RhombiTriHex pattern. It was quite difficult and there's a lot of slop in the final product (but my Mom won't care). I think if I were to try this pattern again, I would have to hand piece it. I think this pattern lends itself to English Paper Piecing.