Sunday, September 20, 2015

Penrose Tile Quilt with Pieced Patches - Design Phase

This is the latest experiment with designing quilts by machine piecing the rhomboid patches of a Penrose tiling then English paper piecing the machine pieced rhombs.  My previous experiments with this resulted in the Mylchreest star quilt and the Penrose tile Christmas tree skirt.

I started with this tiling:

The Green Square indicates the final quilt boundary.

Then I Reduce each rhombus three levels:

 After removing the superfluous rhombi I end up with this final layout:

I machine piece some of the fat rhombi half black/half green.  Then I lay them out with the thin black rhombi so that they create the outline star effect.  I also machine piece half black/half white fat rhombi and lay them out like this:

After it's completely laid out, squared up, and bordered, it looks like this: