Sunday, August 15, 2010

Meet Henri

His name is Henri. It's spelled the French way, but it's pronounced the good old American way. Of course you could call him On-Ree like it's spelled, or Hank, or Hey You, and he'll respond (or not) if he feels like it, because that's how cats are.

I'm told his full name is Henri T. Cat. I don't know what the T. stands for, but I bet it stands for The. I've never seen his full name spelled out, so maybe the last name is spelled Katt or Kat or Caedt or something, but unless I'm corrected by someone who knows better I'll just spell it Henri Th. Cat (I've opted to use the Th. abbreviation because the Danish director Carl Theodor Dreyer abbreviated his middle name that way and I think he's cool).

It's been 10 years since I last had a feline roommate (aw... Chip!), and we weren't planning on taking in another one until after Chris finishes school and we were more settled, but Henri's oldest friend Arwen got married recently and moved to Australia, and the logistics of Henri going to Australia with her were prohibitively onerous, so Henri was looking for new roommates.

He's completely black - even his whiskers. He's so black that when he's rolled up on his back or contorting his body during grooming, it's hard to tell where his head is; it's like a Rorschach ink blot.

He's six years old (I don't know his actual birth date... Arwen?), and like all kids today, he's got his own facebook page. When I was a kid, we had to keep in touch with friends and family using old fashioned blogs, and we liked it!


Twinkle said...

Henri's full name is Henri Theodore Cat. It started out as Henri The Cat but felt that wasn't human enough, he is after all a people not a pet :) I like the Th abbreviation, very refined. His birthday is May 28th 2004.

I have to tell you again how much I appreciate you guys adopting him. Even though I miss him to pieces (might be crying yet again as I type this) I feel so relieved knowing he is with such a wonderful family. Please keep me updated with photos and stories of what he is up to?

Ace said...

Henri enjoys waking early if food is involved. He is neat and tidy and watches to make sure that you wash your hands after using the facilities.

Ace said...

Ace, as in Mommo, Arwen's mother who also very much appreciates your acceptance of Henri as a roommate...and also misses him.