Thursday, March 26, 2009

Pacific Northwest Juggling Festival

Time to dig my prop bag out from the bottom of my closet, there's a juggling festival in Corvallis this weekend (March 27-29). I don't think I've juggled since last summer's da Vinci Days.

Reasons to recommend the juggling convention to non-jugglers:

1. Renegade Show - Friday night at 10:00 in McAlexander Fieldhouse. Renegade shows are like regular juggling shows, only more amateur and fringey.

2. Public Show - Saturday night at 7:00 in LaSells-Stewart Center.

3. It's Free! - They will pass a hat at the public show.

4. Learn to juggle - I will teach you. If I can learn, anyone can learn.


systemsgo said...

Hey where are the pictures? Sounds like a great time. Keep the clubs out!

mentalmagicman said...

Great site!
I like the idea of a juggling convention. I am a Magician and have been to the Vegas Magic Convention and it was great. I think we should start introducing juggling in our acts!

Mnetal Magic Man