Thursday, July 23, 2009

Critters II

A year ago today I posted a bunch of pictures of critters around my yard. I have a couple more:

When I came home from my trip to Seattle, this frog was waiting for me. (No, I'm not referring to the French boarder - but he was there too. In fact, he's actually the one who took this picture).

The cats were the first to notice this guy on the patio last Saturday.

Bonus critter from Andy and Jung Eun's yard:

When I arrived in Seattle, this bug was waiting for me. Andy and Jung Eun named him Jumongboli.


Karen said...

This is why you won't find me living in the Pacific Northwest...

systemsgo said...

I`m so glad neaky nake didn`t show himself when I was there. eeek!!! Who is your boarder by the way?

akrizman said...

The boarder is a PhD who lives in Seattle and is working on a project with Chris' adviser. Since we have a spare room, we've arranged to have him stay here when he's in town. He alternates one week here and one week back home in Seattle. I think the arrangement is working out very nicely; we get along very well.

I think it would be polite to ask his permission before sharing any more of his personal information on a blog. I'm sure he won't mind, so as soon as he says ok, I'll tell you his name, post his picture, and link to his website.