Thursday, October 13, 2011

Floret Pentagonal Quilt

Here's another one:


3 Color

This one's a Floret Pentagonal tiling. It's the dual of the snub hex tiling I posted yesterday. A dual is basically when you convert the vertices of a tiling into faces and vice versa. One of the nifty properties of the snub hex tiling (and all the other uniform tilings including the rhombi tri hex) is that every vertex is the same as all the others. In the case of the snub hex every corner is made up of a hexagon and 4 triangles. This means that a nifty property of its dual is that every face is the same as all the others (i.e. a one patch quilt; it would be a good pattern for a charm quilt).

Each tiling would also be a good quilting pattern (by this I mean the stitching on top) for the piecing pattern of its dual.

I think it would be cool to make these projects in pairs (gifts for couples, perhaps) where one quilt's quilting is the other quilt's piecing.

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