Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Rhombi Tri Hex quilt

I designed this quilt on EQ7 this weekend (with four alternate colorings):


RTH Flowers


Cosmic Jacks

I wanted to see what a quilt would look like if it was based on a tiling other than squares. Specifically, I thought this tiling would lend itself to a nice quilt:

It's called a rhombitrihexagonal tiling (I just think RTH or Rhombi-Tri-Hex). Unfortunately, EQ7 doesn't let me set up my own custom tiling (at least I can't figure out how). But I did figure out a work-around; I designed this custom block:

When this block is put on a grid, the pattern repeats. The only difference is that the block edges split some of the patches where they won't actually be split on the real quilt. So disregard those grid line on the images above.


Eric said...

Cool! And I just learned about Schläfli symbols by following that wikipedia link. Though I still can't make sense of the Schläfli symbol for rhombitrihexagonal tiling...

Arwen said...

I love the flowers and the jacks. Looks like a much more interesting blocking pattern to do.

Eric said...

I think those are the two coolest also. I like the asymmetry-within-symmetry of Cosmic Jacks.