Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Chipotle is coming to Corvallis!

How pathetic is my life that I get excited about a fast food chain opening a new franchise in town? But it's true, I am really psyched about the new Chipotle opening on Monroe Street next to campus this week.

I haven't had much luck finding spicy food in Corvallis. I've tried ordering the "hottest you got" salsas at the other jumbo-burrito fast food places (Qdoba, Baja Fresh, and Del Mar), but their hot isn't on the same scale as Chipotle's.

It's not just the restaurants; the grocery stores here stock mainly mild and medium salsas with a very small or non-existant selection of hot salsas and pepper sauces, and the ones I've tried are neither very hot nor particularly tasty. I've been craving my favorite Colorado salsa (Religious Experience) and pepper sauce (Boulder Hot Sauce).

There's also a comforting back-home feeling to it. Like me, Chipotle was born in Denver, and I've eaten there many times, so I'm looking forward to reassuring familiarity of ordering the exact same burrito I always get.

UPDATE: After adding links to Religious Experience and Boulder Hot Sauce, I discovered that they sell their stuff directly from their websites and can ship it here. So there's a solution to that as well!


Karen said...

I should warn you that Casey was excited when Chipotle showed up in Tampa and then he went and said it just wasn't the same...

systemsgo said...

Yeah!!!! have a naked burrito for me!!