Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Welcome to the Blue States, Colorado!


When I left Colorado last year, I bragged to my friends and family that I was moving from a Red State to a Blue State. I was moving from the state represented by Tom Tancredo and Marilyn Musgrave to a state where Chris and I could file a joint tax return.

As recently as 2004, Colorado's Governor and both Senators were Republican, and aside from Clinton's Perot-assisted victory in 1992, the state hadn't voted for a Democratic President since LBJ (Yup, we even voted for Ford and Dole).

Now look.

The Governor and both Senators are Democrats, Tancredo's gone, and not only did the anti-gay Musgrave lose her re-election, but you guys actually elected a gay guy! Now Congress' gay and lesbian causus has increased 50% and are only one short of a bridge hand. Way to go Jared! - Say hey to Barney and Tammy for me.

But more importantly, Colorado played a pivotal role in electing the most promising President of our generation.

Way to go Colorado! You make me proud!

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systemsgo said...

I appreciate your views on this subject. You state them fairly and with empathy.