Monday, November 24, 2008

Losing touch with the Denver sports scene

Saturday morning, I was working the box office at the Majestic Theatre. It was slow, so I talked to my mama on the phone for almost an hour. The conversation came around to the Broncos, (which happens a lot in my family) and she was saying how strange it was to see Jason Elam kicking field goals against the Broncos the other week. What?! - I didn't know Jason Elam wasn't a Bronco anymore. It was strange; I don't remember a time when I was so out-of-touch with the Denver Broncos.

Later that day, Chris and I and several of our friends got together for a Thanksgiving dinner. My friend Eric asked me if I'd be interested in catching a Blazers game sometime. I said yes, especially when they play the Nuggets. I said I was an Allen Iverson fan before he was a Nugget. "You know Iverson's not a Nugget anymore" he said. No. I didn't know that. "Also, Matt Holliday plays for the Oakland A's."

I give up. I was bummed when the Crush traded Damian Harrell last year (that's Arena Football for those who don't know), now I can't seem keep up with all the roster changes on the Denver teams (yet somehow Eric does).

I was planning on getting a #3 Iverson jersey to wear to the Rose Garden whenever the Nuggets play there, but now I think I should accept the fact that I've got a new home team and get a #52 Greg Oden jersey.

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Karen said...

Don't feel bad Andy. I'm out of touch with Denver sports too and I live here...