Wednesday, June 17, 2009


One year ago today I posted my first entry on this blog.

Last year I posted a picture of our new house. Here's how it looks a year later.

There are a couple small differences:

- There was a dead tree in the open space behind our house. The top 12 feet of it crashed into our yard after a serious windstorm last fall.

- The arch that was covered in grandmothery pink roses is now covered with grapes (much tastier).

- There is no car in the port. Chris took it to Arizona for the summer (the car-free days of summer).

I thought the name "blogaversary" was a natural portmanteau of "blog anniversary", but then I realized that by taking out the "anni" from "anniversary", I'm removing the part of the word that means "year", so what would blogaversary actually mean? Maybe anniblogary would be a more correct term.

So for the fun of it, I tried googling the terms, blogaversary and anniblogary (as well as blogiversary, blogversary and annibloggery), and discovered that lots of people have already used these words in this context (go ahead, try it).

In fact most of the results come from blogaversary posts discussing which term is the most appropriate. Can you believe people actually do that?

I love the internet.



Karen said...

You know, if you flip your house around, it kind of looks like our old house on Elm Street.

Teresa said...

you are surrounded by trees - way cool