Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Photo Dump

I'm clearing off the photos from my camera. Here's some pictures that never made it into blog posts yet.

Things found in my yard:

Holly trees and mowy boys.

Things that go Bloom!

My catnip brings kitties to the yard.

Silly Fiver, cowslips are for Owsla.
(sorry for the photo quality, this was taken through the screen on my bathroom window with the highest zoom my camera has.)

Our new patio furniture.

Chris made me a cherry pie from scratch for my birthday. (We're not in the "things found in my yard" section any more, by the way)

Remember when I used to spend my Saturday mornings at the Majestic Theatre? Well now they've got a machine to do my job!

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systemsgo said...

Thanks for sharing. Makes me want to come for a visit