Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Box of Veggies (2 of 22)

This week's harvest:

We Got a Fennel Bulb, and Eric and Allison took the strawberries. We split everything else: carrots, cucumbers, potatoes, fava beans, turnips, and kale.

We had friends over on Saturday night to play Diplomacy, and served some of the carrots, cucumber, and turnips as snacks

The newsletter that they send with the box suggests cooking and mashing the fennel bulb with potatoes. I might do that and serve it with the fava beans. They also suggest slicing the fennel bulb, breading it, and frying it. That sounds tasty, too, and then I can save the potatoes for breakfast burritos. I also want to experiment with making tea from the fennel fronds.

Allison forwarded me this recipe for baked kale chips that looks delicious (and more importantly, easy), so I'll probably give that a try.

I'm still looking for something to do with the turnips. I'm leaning toward this recipe for Kashmiri-Style Kidney Beans with Turnips if I get a chance put some beans in the crockpot, Otherwise I'll try this simpler mashed turnip recipe (though I'll probably skip the last baking step). This Israeli Moroccan Couscous looks wonderful, but I'm not planning on putting that much effort into it this week - I'll consider it in the future if we get similar veggies.

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Eric said...

Just to keep a record of our veggie box exploits as well:

On Sunday, in addition to the Kale chips we made mashed potatoes with carrots, onion, and turnips, all from the veggie box (I also added some garlic, not from the veggie box). Plus a salad with lettuce from the box.

Yesterday, we used the fava beans and remaining onions in this recipe:


It's a little heavy, but really good. And if you substitute vegetable broth for chicken broth, it's vegetarian!