Saturday, June 13, 2009

The Majestic Gig Ends

Right now I'm hanging out in the box office of the Majestic Theatre like I have most Saturday mornings since November when I first started volunteering here.

This will be my last day here, though (at least for a while). I was informed last Saturday after my shift was through that this Saturday would be the last day I am needed here. The Majestic is temporarily closing in August for remodeling, and I figured I'd be doing this until then; they do have a show in July. But it turns out that the house manager here (my boss) is taking a leave of absence starting now, and so they decided to not keep the box office open on Saturdays any more.

I'd be happy to come back after the remodel, but I have a feeling they won't ask me to. I think the plan was to expand the box office hours to Saturday and staff it with volunteers for a little while to see if it was popular, but Saturday ticket sales are very slow and I usually just sit around for a couple of hours and post on my blog. I think the only reason they kept the box office open on Saturdays as long as they have was because they had an eager and reliable volunteer willing to do it for free, but it just doesn't make sense for them to open up the box office just for me.

I should probably find another volunteer gig for Saturday mornings before I fall back into my old lazy Saturday habits (sitting in my cowboy pajamas, eating sugary cereal, and watching cartoons). Maybe I'll check Craigslist again, maybe the Humane Society or Kitty Angel Team needs people.

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